spring2000 report

Poo Wright-Pulliam <poo@...>

March 1st-May 31st, 2000
Blaine County, ID
Poo Wright-Pulliam

MARCH: Started out crisp and clear and headed into rain and snow for mid
month, wiiindyyy for the last week. Nights ranged from the teens to the
30's , days ranged from the 30's to 50's, mild in my book.
APRIL: was beautiful with nights in the 30's (rarely below freezing) and
days in the 50's upwards to 60's and 70's by months end. The 13th thru the
25th produced rain but still remained 50 to 60. Windy at the end of the
MAY: Atleast 11 days of rain, with most nights above freezing to lower
40's, days averaged 50's and 60's until the last 2 weeks then warmed up to
the 70's.

All in all I think migration came a few days to about a week early.
CASSIN'S FINCH counts at my feeder where down. SANDHILL CRANE in south
county seemed way down. I've seen groups of 40 to 100 in previous years but
have only seen up to 8 this year. Duck counts seemed down for the spring

CONTRIBUTORS: Poo Wright-Pulliam (PWP), Larry Barnes (LB), Brian Sturges
(BS), Wendy Warren (WW), Robin Garwood (RG), Stephanie Swift (SS), Norm &
Karen Shorts (N & KS), Patty Provonsha (PP), Craig & Charis Shanholtzer (C &


SANDHILL CRANE: 3/5 PWP...overwintered in the Silver Creek area. This was
the last time I saw it alone. On 3/12 I saw 4 more.

BARROW'S GOLDENEYE: 3/8 PWP...I note this one for 2 reason's. One, because
we don't see them to often here and , two, because it was in the Hospital
Pond on Hwy 75. The pond is new, the builders of the new hospital destroyed
the old natural spring and rerouted it to this spot apparently saving some
of the plant life and replanting it here. It's been interesting to see what
has been there as it grows. 5/8 N & KS...at the Bigwood Golf Course. Norm
said they are nesting but I don't have varification yet if they were

COMMON REDPOLLS: 3/10 SS...a small flock still hanging around at the F & G
grounds in Mackay (Custer County). 3/19 PP...at her feeders in down town
Hailey, 10-12. 4/2 WW...in Stanley Basin.

SWANS: 3/4 PWP ...Carey Lake , up to 60, I could only ID 2 positive
TRUMPETERS. 3/12 PWP...at Silver Creek Preserve. Of the 24, I could ID 4
as TRUMPETERS. 3/18 by Duane Reynolds...400-500 TUNDRA at Carey Lake.

MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD: 3/18 Duane again...near Carey Lake. 3/26 Sandy
Kearney...Smiley Creek in the Stanley Basin

RED CROSSBILL: 3/25 & 4/2 WW ...on Galena Summit (no count)

PINE GROSBEAK: 3/25 & 4/2 WW ...on Galena Summit (no count)

COMMON GRACKLE: 5/7 N & KS...at the Bigwood Golf Course. Norm said they
are nesting but I don't have varification yet if they were successful
either. 5/25 PWP...a pair in the ditch next to Picabo Store on Hwy 20.
(with Elderhostel Group)

COMMON LOON: 5/10 N & KS...on pond on the right of hole #1. Norm said he
has pictures of this one.

LESSER GOLDFINCH: C & C... at their feeders (in Carey)several different
times, not seen by any other birders to varify. Charis said the male was
definitely green backed but didn't get a look at undertail coverts.

CATTLE EGRET: 5/27 PWP(with Liz Warrick and Susan Perin)...mm157 on Hwy 20.
Hanging out with the gulls in a plowed field. Saw 3 in mating plumage, and
I'm not sure if this is Camas county or Blaine, the county line is right in
that vicinity. They've been seen in that latalong but I'm not sure about
Camas county, I know they've been seen in Blaine. Would you know the answer
to that one Dave.

P.S. Stephanie Swift (former asst. manager @ Silver Creek) is now working
and living in Mackay. She said she might be willing to take on this report
for that area. Her address is phnie@...