Rufous Hummingbirds


Thanks for your response, Bill. Being NE of you, at homesite along Snake River, have never had Rufous nest here. And, our southward Rufous migration always seems to start toward end of July. We always seem to be 10 days later than your location for Rufous migration. Only time we had earlier dates was '88, yr of Yellowstone fires. 

But, the southward migration of Rufous thru here had definitely started. This AM, have seen adult male, female & juv Rufous, as well as, both male & female Black-chinneds which are summer residents. In fact, a male BC was just doing display flights to a female at the feeder. My 10 oz feeder is down by 4 oz since daybreak. By count & multiplying by 6, at least 36 hummers hitting feeder this AM. Some epic battles by Rufous, too!

Brian Carrigan