Nez Perce County and Blue Jay Accounting

Carl Lundblad

I birded in Nez Perce County on Saturday 11/14.  The most notable sighting was a very late COMMON YELLOWTHROAT where Volmer Road crosses Tammany Creek just south of Lewiston (  Also at this location was a (locally uncommon, mostly in fall) Marsh Wren, which I also saw at this location on 11 November 2017.  I first started checking this spot hoping it would attract a Swamp Sparrow, but I'll settle for November Yellowthroats and Marsh Wrens.  The Yellowthroat appears to be the latest in eBird for North Idaho and third latest for the entire state, however we've had several November records in recent years.

Elsewhere, a Golden Eagle on nearby Rosenkrantz Road is always a nice bird, locally.  I found at least 4 of the continuing BLUE JAYS along south Seventh Street north of Jewett Park in Lewiston with a flock of Audubon's and one Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Hell's Gate State Park was characteristically enjoyable, but the most unusual bird was another MARSH WREN (only my second at this location).  I skipped most of the campground area due to noisy leaf blowers.  Late in the afternoon, Mann Lake had ~1200 Mallards minus one after a PEREGRINE FALCON came though, and a rather small flock of SNOW GEESE was flying in from a nearby field as I left.

I also spent some time exploring the lower forests and mostly open country around the north, west, and northwest sides of Craig Mountain and portions of the Palouse south of Genesee, without seeing anything very notable.

One late report to add to this year's impressive BLUE JAY count, at least two were in residential Genesee (Latah County) on November 8.  Other groups of 2-5+ Blue Jays apparently continue in Moscow, Pullman (apparently multiple groups), Lewiston, Asotin, Lenore Idaho (Nez Perce County), and no doubt there are other groups and singletons throughout the region.

Good Birding,

Carl Lundblad
Moscow, Idaho