N Goshawk


I've noticed my feeders have been unusually quiet this past week. I did see a Sharp-shinned Hawk on the tail of a House Finch last wkend, but the feeders have seen less use than just for a Sharpie. 

Today, I discovered the culprit. There's a Bald Eagle pr that has nested across the river from us for 8 yrs now. They'll be nesting soon, already adjusting their 3 y/o nest (previous one blew down). I was watching the pr soar from back deck thru my binocs, when I scanned across a cottonwood & my first reaction was...Osprey (& thought that can't be right!). I left the eagles & adjusted my glasses to the new bird. 

A beautiful, adult N Goshawk with very fine gray barring on chest, so fine, the chest was almost pure white, except through the spotting scope. Also, sharp contrast between white & very dark gray on its head. According to Sibley, must be male, as female should have coarser gray markings on breast. In any case, allowed great looks for nearly an hr thru scope. And my feeders were silent, until it left. Always a treat to see!

Brian Carrigan