M Gregory

Another poster's msg. about a Kestrel prompted me to research my electronic photo file and refind the pics I took of a young American Kestrel on the roof of Mountain Home Junior High School three years ago. Adult AKs nested on a covered alcove under the arched roof of the brick building. As I photographed the fledgling, an adult Kestrel watched from a perch atop a utility pole. At first I thought I had found a Peregrine nest site, having good memories of the longtime Peregrine nest atop the 40-story Cathedral of Learning building on the University of Pittsburgh campus.
The fledgling was not at all wary of me and walked to as close as six feet or so from its perch on the edge of the roof.
Has anyone else ever chanced upon a similar rooftop Kestrel nesting?
Alan in Mountain Home



Alan C Gregory
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