Cold, wet ride


Since I was scheduled to get my 2d vaccine at the VA today, I had to do an early ride or not go at all (which is not a choice). So I headed out relatively early for me, but after the stuff falling out of the sky stopped being white and thick. By the time I had gone 5 blocks, I already had 10 birds. Then at Esther Simplot I found C. Goldeneye and a pair of N. Shovelers, and I started to get my hopes up—although by this time it was pretty wet, and I was getting cold.

The birds kept falling into place as I proceeded down river. Just past Willow Lane, I found #31, a Cooper’s Hawk. Right after that I found a pair of Barrow’s Goldeneye and heard a RB Nuthatch, and the rain intensified. At Les Bois track, I was able to peek through the fence to see a male Bufflehead and a couple of male GW Teal. And the birds kept coming--as did the rain. Number 40 was a huge GB Heron standing in the middle of the river, and 41 was a RT Hawk.

When I got back to Willow Lane, I decided I should try the restrooms to see if I could warm my hands. No luck on that, but just then an Osprey flew over, circled a few times and landed on a light tower with nesting material in his talons. My day was made, but I didn’t get to warm my hands until Esther Simplot.

Final tally was 43 species in about 11 miles. A wonderful, but wet, day.

Tom McCabe, Boise