C. grackles, L. goldfinch and C. egrets

Poo Wright-Pulliam <poo@...>

Hi all , I've just come back from Centennial Marsh again (wow is it still
in bloom!) and just east of MM157 on hwy 20 one of the people with me says
"look at all the seagulls!". I turn to look and catch a glimpse of a
nongull shape and think to myself "no way". We quickly turn around and go
back and sure enough...there with all the gulls are 3 CATTLE EGRETS. I
haven't seen them here in Idaho so what a treat it was! Not sure yet which
county we were in, latalong shows that they've been seen in Blaine County
but in migration, it does'nt show them in Camas county and the county line
is right around that area, will have to make sure. If you go to look for
them, turn north at a farm road with a sign that says Simon Farms Inc. They
were right off the hwy and flew back along that road by the sprinklers.
Also while out on thursday we stopped at the Picabo Store (again hwy
20, near Silver Creek Preserve) and found a pair of COMMON GRACKLE in the
ditch to the west of the parking lot. And I got a call from my friends in
Carey that they had a LESSER GOLDFINCH at their feeder on the 24th. Haven't
had a chance to go check that one out yet or to call and see if it's still
there, but will let you know.

wood river valley