burrowing owls and yp cuckoo

Poo Wright-Pulliam <poo@...>

Hi all,
been meaning to let you all know about some burrowing owls I found
outside of Wendell a few weeks ago. If you take HWy 46 south out of Wendell
(Delorme 27, but it doens't show Shoestring) you will come to Shoestring
Road, about one mile past Shoestring (and before the very large power lines)
look along the fence posts. The interesting thing about this is that I saw
one two weeks in a row there but last week as we drove along I saw a newly
burned out area, my thoughts ran to the poor owl and it's home, hoping the
fire had missed it. As we approached tho, there sat the little owl on it's
post, right in the middle of all this black, and there on the ground in the
burrow pit was another! Hurray! They are very easy to find now, just look
for the burn area.
I also got a call from Wendy this morning and she said she heard a
MOCKING BIRD near where she lives near The Meadows Trailer Park on July 4th.
So everyone here in the Wood River Valley keep your eyes and ears open. Our
last one was 2 years ago south of here in Hayspur Hatchery.

wood river valley