Avian disease outbreaks to watch for this fall


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Seeing some emails going around about all the snow geese…with great masses of birds comes greater potential for disease outbreaks. Idaho Fish and Game is watching for HPAI(avian influenza) but it is being complicated by the fact that we are seeing avian cholera in some mortalities at Wildlife Management Areas, which I know you all frequently bird. Just wanted to pass on the symptoms of cholera. If you see an avian mortality event, please report it here the https://idfg.idaho.gov/conservation/wildlife-health; and report the species and numbers of birds affected, what symptoms you saw especially highlighting if you see cholera symptoms (see below). Do not collect or pick up birds to transport to an IDFG office unless you are directed to do so by a biologist.


Symptoms of cholera:

“Some affected birds have mucous coming from the nose and mouth, and yellow or blood stained feces. Because they are so sick, captured birds often die within a few minutes. Because birds die quickly, they often have no lesions on the organs. If the bird has been infected for a while it may have small white to yellow spots on the liver and red spots on the heart and possibly the gizzard”.


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