Mountain Bluebirds and more


Today’s ride started with a FOY Townsend’s Solitaire near 25th and Brumback. Then it continued with W. Grebe, Hooded Mergansers, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Common Goldeneye, 3 RT Hawks, 3 A Kestrels, RN Ducks and most of the usual suspects. But the big finale was again a Mountain Bluebird, and this time there were 2! One was bright blue, the other a duller, darker blue. When I pointed them out to a passing jogger, a Say’s Phoebe jumped up from the ground and started “flycatching” around. This all took place on the other side of the path from Veterans Park. Final tally was 36 species in 12 ½ miles.

Tom McCabe, Boise