White Pelicans and a C. Loon


Not sure if the word has gotten around to everyone that a Common Loon has been hanging around at a pond in Garden City. The pond is on the north side of the river and just west of Glenwood. In fact, you can see the pond from the sidewalk of Glenwood. I’ve seen it the last 3 days on my bike rides. I was told about it by a couple of different people, but I haven’t seen any postings.

So, on the way home today, with 39 species in my head, I stopped at Esther Simplot Park to check out some RB Gulls. (If you squint hard enough, you can maybe make them into California Gulls, but not today.) Anyway, as I was about to tuck my binos away, something white in the sky caught my attention. It turned out to be a flock of circling White Pelicans. They were pretty high up so it’s hard to say how far down river they were from me, but they may have been as close as Veterans Pond. I tried to count them, but they kept banking and each time they banked, they shifted position. My best guess would 20+ birds. A nice way to finish my ride and get 40 species to boot. A Swainson’s Hawk on the neighborhood nest made it 41.

Tom McCabe, Boise