arrivals in Blackfoot

Ruth Shea

The floodgates opened yesterday at our property.  Suddenly in our backyard we had  Evening Grosbeaks, Black Headed Grosbeaks, Bullocks Orioles, and  Cedar Waxwings arrive and more Red Breasted Nuthatches than usual.  Our Great Horned Owls have been nesting again this year although they never seem to hatch anything.  Our pair of Swainson's returned a couple weeks ago and so far have built 2 new nests.  One is in a huge cottonwood directly over our corral fence where there is lots of human activity and the second is in a smaller cottonwood about 30 feet from our picture window.  This morning there were over a hundred ibis in our pasture where I am flood irrigating and I swear I saw various size shorebirds in with them.  Will have to take binocs on the next irrigation check and see if one of these days I can find a glossy mixed in.  So glad that winter is over!