Successful memory test


After having to “confess”  last week that I had used a piece of paper to keep track of my birds, I decided I had to do it the old way today. I managed to remember all 51 species, although a couple may not be in the right order. As usual, the highlight for me is the Bald Eagle nest and the Great Horned Owl nest, but the Wild Turkeys were again a treat. Another treat was 2 different sightings of Barrow’s Goldeneye. A treat of a different sort was the Crow chasing a Red Tail away from its nest in the neighborhood adjacent to Esther Simplot Park.

The major newcomers this week have been the swallows. I saw Tree and Violet Green today, and Northern Rough Winged a couple of days ago. The only FOY bird today was Marsh Wren at the ponds at the Eagle end of the paved path.

Fortunately, the head wind wasn’t too bad on the way out, and it was a wonderful tail wind on the way back, especially at the end of a 22 mile ride.

Tom McCabe, Boise.