Riding the Greenbelt


Yesterday I took a longer ride west to Eagle. Twenty-three miles got me 49 species, including a FOY Canvasback (thank you Jason), a pair of Bald Eagles at their nest, and a GH Owl peeking out of its tree nest. I tried hard to get a round number, but the 50th bird eluded me.

Today, I took a ride only half that long (11 miles) and found 45 species. Highlights included a flyover by a large “V” of Sandhill Cranes, a pair of Osprey setting up housekeeping on a light tower at Willow Lane, and a rocket Cooper’s in my back yard. Of course, I got a little colder and wetter than yesterday, but that’s birding.

BTW, today was the 3rd day in 4 that I exceeded 40 species. Gotta love Springtime!

Tom McCabe, Boise