bird feeders and salmonella

Chris Slymon

A friend just emailed to say that they were taking their bird-feeders down until April because of a salmonella outbreak. Is this the thing to do? Is it all feeders or just some?


John Schmidt

Here's an article from a couple of days ago on this topic.
Quotes from it:  "Idaho fish and wildlife officials are recommending that residents take down their backyard bird feeders or clean them frequently amid a salmonella outbreak that has infected songbirds across the western U.S." .... “You can help to stop the spread of salmonellosis by discontinuing backyard bird feeding until at least April 1 to encourage birds to disperse and forage naturally,” said Kristin Mansfield, a veterinarian with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “Birds use natural food sources year-round, even while also using backyard bird feeders, so they should be fine without the feeders for another month.”