Elizabeth Medes

We had a family of BANOs(9!) in a packing shed until vineyard production stepped up and they disappeared.  That was 18 years ago or so.  Haven't seen any on this east end of Emmett since.  Have hung a barn owl box in several locations, but no luck.

This weekend I discovered a pair on a sandstone wall, maybe 30 ft above HWY 52 (Black Canyon Reservoir) on a hairbend turn, a very dangerous corner.  Gad, this makes me nervous.

Liz Medes

Karl Kosciuch

There has been several research efforts on this topic including a transportation analysis - links below. 

M Gregory

Since moving to Mountain Home, and bicycling as much as possible, I have recorded and photographed dozens of roadkill owls, principally Barn Owls, but also Great Horned, Screech and Short-eared.
This is only an anecdote, but I cannot help but consider that human activities, like driving a motor vehicle, are the greatest cause of owl mortality. Here are pics of two of the dead Barn Owls (Tyto alba) I found in recent weeks.
Alan Gregory in Mountain Home



Alan C Gregory
Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.
Mountain Home, ID
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