9 Anna's Hummingbirds--request for reports


Hi folks!

I wanted to get an update out to IBLE about IBO's wintering Anna's Hummingbird research. If you haven't already, you can read more about our project here: http://ibo.boisestate.edu/winter-hummers/

Last winter (2015-2016) IBO (in collaboration with hummingbird bander Francine Rudeen) documented at least 55 Anna's wintering in the state thanks to reports from birders around Idaho. Between our two programs we were able to band around 20 of these birds.

This winter was off to a slow start with all the warm weather, but things are picking up now. We have documented at least 20 individuals across the state, and have been able to band at least 9 of those.

We banded one adult male in Caldwell at Cheryl Huizingas house and there are 8 other banded birds near Hulls Gulch at Allen Dale's house. We plan to band more in the coming months.

Can you help us re-sight these birds?
**Please report if you see an Anna's Hummingbird anywhere in Idaho, and look closely for any color markings, especially in the Hulls Gulch area. Please note the color of any markings and get photos if possible.

There are now EIGHT marked Anna's Hummingbirds within flying distance of Hulls Gulch Reserve, and at least one unmarked/unbanded bird. Thanks to Allen Dale and the Rudeen's for hosting these birds!

Your report provides very valuable information for our research study.

All birds have a small white dot on their forehead (see photos) and most have a colored "necklace" chest marking. (All markings are done with permission from the Bird Banding Lab, are temporary (will molt away before breeding season), and not harmful to the birds).

--"Necklace" colors to look for--
2 adult males: one with black+yellow, one with orange
4 female types: black, blue, magenta, or green necklace
1 young male (looks VERY much like a female): orange necklace
1 young female (banded by our collaborator Francine Rudeen) with white dot only, no necklace

See attached photo for an example of the markings to look for.

Thanks for any information you can give to contribute to our project!
Heidi Ware
Intermountain Bird Observatory
Boise, ID