Heron Rookery - new location and more

Terry Gray <clgtlg@...>

Hi Birders,

Just east of the Cherry Lane Bridge along the Clearwater River east of
Lewiston there had been a nesting pair of Bald Eagles on the west end of Fir
Island and a Heron Rookery at the east end (at least 26 nesting pairs).
Well last year or the year before the tree that the Bald Eagles were using
fell over. The Bald Eagle pair have taken over one of the Heron Nest and
with some modifications a Bald Eagle is on eggs at the new nest. The Blue
Herons within the last week or so have found a new place and have already
built at least a dozen nest just northeast of the Spalding National Historic
Park Visitors Center on the south side of the river. John Hanna and I
observed at least 24 individuals in that area this afternoon.

God Birding!

Terry Gray
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