Sun Valley CBC

Poo Wright-Pulliam <poo@...>

Hi all and Happy New Year!
Brian Sturges put on our CBC this year in absolutely beautiful weather!
Mostly sunny, on occasion brisk, but just wonderful and snowy white. We had
7 participants that scoured the area radiating from the Picabo Store on Hwy
20, it included Silver Creek Preserve, Carey Lake, Little Wood Reservoir,
Point of Rocks and lots of farmland. The good sightings of each group: for
Poo Wright-Pulliam and Norm Shorts, 1 male 3 female Hooded merganzers; for
Brian Sturges and George Livingston, a Gyrfalcon (not our usual one) putting
on a show for them at Carey Lake; and (best of show) for Robin Garwood and
David and Lila McLeod, 1 female Wood Duck, which was a good sighting in
itself but made "wow" status when they glanced on the shore just behind to
see a BOBCAT stalking her! She dove to safety and the bobcat made best
mammal sighting of the day. We broke our previous species total of 56 with
a total of 58! We ended our count with pizza and bird lore at Brian and
Debbie's, a good time was had by all! Robin and I are looking forward to
being involved in Hagerman's count tomorrow. Bird on..... Poo
I'm forwarding our count list to you from Brian. One comment was that
the blackbird counts were way down.

Sun Valley CBC December 23, 2000

Pied billed grebe 6
great blue heron 6
tundra swan 12
canada goose 784
wood duck 1
green winged teal 8
mallard 1453
n. Pintail 17
gadwall 11
Am. Wigeon 55
redhead 1
ring-necked duck 29
c. golden eye 60
bufflehead 5
hooded merganser 4
bald eagle imm. 10
adult 5
golden eagle imm 1
adult 3
n. harrier 9
sharp-shinned 1
coopers hawk 1
red-tailed hawk 5
rough-legged hawk 14
am. kestrel 12
gyrfalcon 1
prairie falcon 3
chukar 59
ring-necked ph. 9
killdeer 4
rock dove 205
great horned owl 1
belted kingfisher 8
downy woodpecker 3
hairy woodpecker 2
n. flicker 21
horned lark 201
b.b. magpie 124
am. crow 4
common raven 24
b.c. chickadee 25
m. chickadee 5
marsh wren 8
am. dipper 2
g.c. kinglet 1
n. shrike 1
starling 378
tree sparrow 51
song sparrow 54
harris sparrow 1
oregon junco 40
brewers blackbird 15
w. meadowlark 15
house finch 20
pine siskin 18
am. goldfinch 46
house sparrow 439