I'm baaack, new birds

Poo Wright-Pullian <poo@...>

Hey everyone, I have not been able to read or send most of this past months
stuff, hope I didn't miss much, but I'm now the proud owner of a brand new
computer, one that doesn't shut down at will so you can only do absolutely
necessary things instead of enjoying your email. Anyway, I'm back and
wanted to report in about my first (all these 1sts are for the year)
CALLIOPE HUMMER last week on the 25th, I just love those little guys! The
TREE SWALLOWS have taken atleast 3 of my 4 humble homes. I saw a male
RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER squeeling at a female HAIRY WOODPECKER (hummmm), my
first PILEATED WOODPECKER (always blows my socks off) yesterday and my first
LEWIS WOODPECKER today. Yahoooo, it's spring!
Wood River Valley