Ross's Goose at Julia Davis Park Lagoon

Jason Talbot

Watching right now as well as a Redhead. Downtown Boise near zoo.

Whirlwind trip to Boise and back with possible Purple Finch

Darren Clark

Steve Butterworth and I had a whirlwind trip to Boise and Back yesterday and today. We got good looks at the Red-breasted Sapsucker in the cemetery. We also got brief looks at the adult male Varied Thrush at Kathryn Albertson park. While there, we heard and saw an interesting Finch. We're leaning towards Purple Finch. We also had a Mew Gull and a Lesser Black-backed Gull (originally found by Zeke Watkins). It was quite a day and a half. Photographs (Possible Purple Finch, Sapsucker, Mew, Lesser Black-backed Gull) can be found on my flickr page:

Darren Clark
Rexburg, ID

Swan Falls Dam (Ada) highlights

Jason Talbot

Steven Hofhine and I drove out to Swan Falls today. The biggest highlight was a Swamp Sparrow along the river below the dam. Other highlights included: American Pipit, 50 Cormorants, Pelican, White-breasted Nuthatch, Hairy Woodpecker, Lesser Scaup, Ferruginous Hawk, Rough-legged hawk, Both Eagles, Marsh Wren and Prairie Falcons.

I heard a Say's Phoebe at the Eagle fish hatchery on the way out. There was also a Bewick's Wren and some Evening Grosbeaks.

Last night I was jogging through Dry Creek Cemetery (not exactly normal) and stopped for a bit. An alarm call came from the tree just above my head that startled me. A sound I never heard before but figured it was an owl. It turned out to be a Northern Saw-whet Owl.

About the time I started birding I was jogging through this same cemetery and heard an eerie sound that made me jump in the air while I was jogging past this tree. That was my first introduction to the screech of a Barn Owl. It sounds like something straight from the crypt. Listen to the first call and you'll see what I mean. I can't think of a better bird sound to hear while alone in a cemetery at night. It kept me running!

Good birding!


N Goshawk


Replaced my main platform feeder this AM & also put out a Nyger seed feeder. A Sharp-shinned Hawk has made several passes today scattering birds. But, just a bit ago, had a juvenile N Goshawk land in a nearby cottonwood quieting the feeder activity for nearly 20 minutes. Allowed for some good extended observation.

Brian Carrigan

Red-breasted sapsucker seen this morning in Morris Hill Cemetery

cheryl huizinga

Steve Butterworth just called me with a sighting of the Red-breasted Sapsucker in Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise. It was seen in the SW corner in section Q in the only pine tree in that section. The Red-napped sapsucker was seen in the SE corner.

Cheryl Huizinga
Caldwell, Idaho

Sandpoint ID Brown Thrasher still

Terry Gray <clgtlg@...>

Just received a note: Marianne Love Terry, just letting you know that our
brown thrasher has stayed through the winter. I see it once or twice a day.

Terry Gray
890 Stefany Ln
Moscow ID 83843

Dunlin in Eagle

Jason Talbot

I found a Dunlin along the Boise River today during a long lunch break. I took some bad video using my iPhone and binoculars to get some documentation. Details:

I biked a loop along the north and south channels from Garden City's new pedestrian bridge and Eagle Road. I also biked west of Eagle Road where I saw the Dunlin. Highlights: Trumpeter Swans, Canvasback, Ruddy Duck, Lesser Scaup, Barrow's Goldeneye, Pacific Wren, Bald Eagle, White-breasted Nuthatch, Evening Grosbeak & Wilson's Snipe. I dipped on the Peregrine Falcon.

This morning I went to Dry Creek Cemetery and found a White-throated Sparrow, Steller's Jay, Red Crossbill, Bohemian Waxwing, Merlin & the new roosting tree for the Barn Owl. On my way back home I checked a feeder near the Veledrome Park and found a Northern Shrike. I also saw the light-morphed Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk that I see occasionally in the area.

Good birding!

Jason Talbot
Eagle, ID

Hermit Thrush in Hulls Reserve - Boise


Hi Birders,
Many of you have likely seen this bird but thought I would post because I love this little section of trail. Although it is often packed with runners, walkers, doggies, it can be such a great and birdy spot at off times. Today between 10:30 and 11:15 only one other person was in the area. Maybe the inversion and gloom keeps people inside. The part of the trail where the Hermit. and lots of other birds were, is the section just north of the Camelsback pond that parallels 8th St and runs north. I park on 8th street on the left side just after Sandstone then take the trail that runs northeast-ish. The Thrush was on the West side of the trail just where the brush opens up. I was also surprised to see 4 Spotted Towhee near the big parking lot.

Happy New Year and Happy Birding,
Danette Henderson


Bob Kiernan

I forgot I can put pic on monitor and photo a photo on smart phone

White wing scoter

Bob Kiernan

I'm staying at a resort black meadow landing CA.near parker dam this am saw the scoter near the dam me and local birder Charlie took many photos he is posting on e bird I.will try and get my friend to post from his computer boo yah & yahoo seems to be rare for this area Bob Kiernan

Wilsons snipes on Boise River

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Revised more accurate directions to locate these snipe, Cheerio Rich

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From: Martin Marzinelli <marsman2015@...>
Subject: Fwd: Wilsons snipes on Boise River
Date: January 5, 2016 2:35:53 PM MST
To: Rich Rusnack <rarusnak62@...>
Cc: Bob Kiernan <idahobirdman1@...>

Hey Rich,

I went out again to look for the snipes late this morning because at the time the light was better than yesterday.  I didn't see them on the way in, but I did see them on the way out.

I left you a voicemail indicating that when I looked up the intersection for the access to the greenbelt, I looked at google maps wrong and thus had a wrong street name in the access description.  So below is an update of seeing the birds that you can share with IBLE, if you think anyone would be interested.


PS The bird photos are shown below.


Yesterday (1/4/16, 4:30) and today (1/5/16, 12:30) I came upon some Wilson's Snipes (3 yesterday/2 today) right next to the greenbelt on the Boise River.  They were foraging among the rocks in a shallow area.  The birds were last located in a rocky/gravel bed area immediately downstream of the Garden City West Bridge (a pedestrian bridge that is part of the greenbelt).  Do the following to access the area:

- Drive to the intersection of N Duxbury Pier Ave and W Sultana Dr in Garden City.  On the west side of the small cul-du-sac is an access path to the greenbelt. 
- Walk in until you encounter the first intersection; then turn left/south.
- Walk to the Boise River and you will see the GC West Bridge.  

Marty Marzinelli, Eagle

Wilsons snipes on Boise River

Richard and Ann Rusnak

Begin forwarded message:

From: Martin Marzinelli <marsman2015@...>
Subject: Wilsons snipes on Boise River
Date: January 4, 2016 10:24:18 PM MST
To: Rich Rusnack <rarusnak62@...>

Hi Rich,

I went out birding this afternoon and at the very end of my walk on the Boise River I ran into 3 Wilson's Snipes.  See the attached photos.  Actually these are the first shorebirds I've ever seen on the river in my neck of the woods.

If you think the IBLE folks will be interested, you can submit this on my behalf.  Below is an explanation of where they were seen.

Cheers, Marty

Full and Low Res photos below:

Wilson's Snipe


Yesterday (1/4/16, 4:30PM) I came upon three Wilson's Snipes right next to the Greenbelt.  They were foraging among the rocks and having a good time.  The birds were located on the Greenbelt in Garden City.  Access the GB where N Duxbury Pier Lane meets W Tributary Ln. (asphalt path heads west).  Go to the first intersection and turn left, toward the Boise River.  Go toward the river and the birds were located at the first (small) footbridge over a creek.  They were on the right immediately off the embankment.

Marty Marzinelli, Eagle

Red-breasted Sapsucker


Thanks for posting about this great bird. It was great to get to see this Bird for so long.  Also fun to get to talk through field marks with John Battallio and Bryce Robinson. Hope you got good video Bryce.
Danette Henderson

Red-Breasted Sapsucker

paul grabe

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to find Bryce Robinson at Morris Hill Pioneer Cementery where he graciously pointed out the location of the Red-breasted Sapsucker. Bryce was attempting to get some better photos, when I distracted him with questions -- he did find it again though. Thank you for the assist.

Today at Wilson ponds

colinalcarz <aspenwood00@...>

The regular coterie of coots and geese were in noisy abundance along with all the rest of the previous duck species from Saturday. I was happy to see the three canvasback couples still here. Today's additions were:
Cooper's hawk
Great blue heron
Virginia rail

I may also have misreported on the earlier ring necked as none could be found today.

blue winged teal
Hooded merganser
Pie billed grebe


Red-breasted Sapsucker and friends

Janet Philips

Had a great time at Morris Hill Cemetery this morning with Mary Rumple, Paul Plante and Stoddard Davenport. We all had several good looks at and lots of pictures of what we decided was a Red-breasted Sapsucker. It was very enjoyable to share effort and information with these fellow birders. My piictures on my eBird checklist but Stoddard’s are of much better quality.

Re: Red-breasted Sapsucker photos & video

Stoddard Davenport

Thanks for getting the word out fellas. I went and had a look too. I'm no expert at sapsucker hybrids, but am leaning towards pure Red-breasted. If anybody has reason to think otherwise it would be nice to hear about it. Here are my photos and video to add to the already great documentation:

Good birding!
Stoddard and Ellen Davenport

To: ible@...
From: ible-noreply@...
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 20:15:03 +0000
Subject: [IBLE] Red-breasted Sapsucker photos & video


Thanks Matt Dunn for finding this again at Morris Hill and Pioneer Cemetery! I relocated it this morning and Steve Hofhine got some great photos. I also got some video. Attached to my checklist is also an online map of the cemetery showing the sections. Seems to hang out in sections K and M.

Red-breasted Sapsucker photos & video

Jason Talbot

Thanks Matt Dunn for finding this again at Morris Hill and Pioneer Cemetery! I relocated it this morning and Steve Hofhine got some great photos. I also got some video. Attached to my checklist is also an online map of the cemetery showing the sections. Seems to hang out in sections K and M.

Red-breasted Merganser- Boise

Kim Liebich

Red-breasted Merganser- Boise river between Bown crossing and barber park for anyone who needs one in their new 2016 count. 😃  Saw him yesterday afternoon, sorry for the tardy report wasn't sure how exciting that was.  He seemed pretty content, bet he is still there.  

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Red-breasted Sapsucker - Boise

Steve Hofhine <steven.hofhine@...>

Jason Talbot and myself just saw and photographed a red-breasted sapsucker at Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise, near section K.

Steve Hofhine

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