Swainson hawk?

Jo Rita Knopf

Possible. North I-15 south of rest area. North of rose Firth exit. 4.2.14  2.36pm. On fence post by interstate. Can anyone go check that out.?

Idaho Falls, ID

Snow geese near Payette

Larry Ridenhour

Driving along highway 52 at the Payette River crossing just now and saw this flock of snow geese. Mixed in were also about 200 white-fronted geese.

Payette county


Thanks to Tim Teal, Danette Henderson and Jason Talbot. The following birds have been added to our list.


52           2/24       Chukar                               Tim Teal

53           2/23       Sharpshin hawk                Danette Henderson

54           2/23       Sandhill crane                   Danette Henderson

55           2/22       Tundra swan                     Tim Teal

56           2/26       Say’s phoebe                    Tim Teal

57           3/10       Ring bill gulls                     Tim Teal

58           3/18       Turkey vulture                  Tim Teal

59           3/21       Barn owl                            Tim Teal

60           3/20       Long-billed curlew           Tim Teal

61           3/22       Am Wh pelican                 Tim Teal

62           3/22       Double-crested cormorant           Tim Teal

63           2/23       Am Widgeon                     Danette Henderson

64           1/25       Am Crow                           Jason Talbot


2014 Big Year Update for Owyhee County

Jim Holcomb

Here is a Big Year bird list update for Owyhee County.  Thanks to you who post your bird sightings, especially on eBird.
Jim Holcomb, Compiler


Peregrine Falcon


JC Strike WMA/Jack’s Creek

Larry Arnold


Say's Phoebe


Marsing/Snake River Access 2 ½ mi. so.

Dave Lawrence




Wilson Creek Bluffs

Richard Rusnak


Canyon Wren


Wilson Creek Bluffs

Richard Rusnak


Tundra Swan


CJ Strike WMA/Jack’s Creek

Zeke Watkins




CJ Strike WMA/Jack’s Creek

Ryan Anderson


Long-tailed Duck


CJ Strike WMA/Dam Area

Zeke Watkins


Red-necked Grebe


CJ Strike WMA/Dam Area

Cheryl Huizinga


Turkey Vulture


Poison Creek Rec. Site

Dale Toweill


Long-billed Curlew


Poison Creek Rd./Poison Creek

Jason Talbot


Mountain Bluebird


Poison Creek Rd./Poison Creek

Dale Toweill


Sage Sparrow


Mud Flat Road

Terry Rich


Burrowing Owl


Hogg Rd.about 4 miles west of Marsing

Denise Hughes

St George, UT area birds

Jason Talbot

I noticed several Idahoan's in St. George, UT this week and even a few Idaho birders on the e-Bird list. All the tours I went on with the family said "it must be spring break in Idaho". We spent time visiting family,  hiking and visiting the LDS historic sites. I picked up some good birds a long the way.
A few highlights: Life birds - Roadrunner (FINALLY), Costa's Hummingbird, White-winged Dove, Verdin, Albert's Towhee, Lucy's Warbler, Gambel's Quail & Ladder-backed Woodpecker.
Other highlights: Northern Mockingbird, Great-tailed Grackle, Black Phoebe, White-throated Swift, Great Egret & American Dipper.
A few birding spots that may be of interest if you're down that way:
Kanarra Canyon (just off the freeway south of Cedar City)

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No Lapland Longspurs

Adam Brubaker <1goodgeocacher@...>

I went looking for the Lapland Longspurs that Darren Clark found yesterday with no luck this morning. I did see about the same # of Snow Buntings and Horned Larks that he reported along with three Rough-legged Hawks and quite a few ravens. This Evening I tried again, most of the birds were gone, there were probably about 400 Larks left and I spotted 1 Snow Bunting amongst them. I also saw 2 Killdeer first I have seen I have seen on the Walker Bench. I went a little further up the road to the tree line and did see 5 Mountain Chickadees, 6 Pine Siskins, 2 Ruby-crowned Kinglets, 2 Red-Breasted Nuthatches, and a Ruffed Grouse. When I got home I heard my first Sora of the year, I had one calling to its self in the cattails behind my place.

I also had a very friendly Meadowlark -

Adam Brubaker

South of Twin Falls

Austin Young <a.young345@...>

Hi birders,

Sunday morning I went birding 20 miles south of Twin Falls and the migration activity is moderate. The weather started out at 9 am as cloudy and breezy with chilly temperatures and very slight rain which, over the next 2 hours, progressed to high winds with sleet. Despite the weather the birds were good. Here are a few of the highlights:

Long-billled Curlew- 8
Savannah Sparrow-6
Lincoln's Sparrow- 1
American Pipit- 1

Austin Young
Twin Falls

More Lapland Longspurs


Eastern Idaho was blasted by snow today and I recognized a great opportunity to look for late season Longspurs that might be still around or passing through.  In the first large flock Of Horned Larks I found four Lapland Longspurs in or in near breeding plumage.   Due to a heavy overcast sky and some continued sleet the conditions were poor and my camera died before I could get any good pictures. I thought my spare battery was charged but it turned out to be totally dead.   I spread the word to others and hopefully someone will have better luck.  The flock was on 105th West just about 1/2 mile North of 65th North.

Steve Butterworth
Idaho Falls

Snow Buntings, Lapland Longspurs, Horned Larks and a Rosy-Finch

Darren Clark

On the Walker Bench (fields SE of Rexburg) the recent snow seemed to concentrate the open country birds on the roads. I found about 1200 Horned Larks, about 150 Snow Buntings, 3 Lapland Longspur (one in immaculate breeding plumage), one lone Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, and one accommodating Short-eared Owl. It was pretty spectacular. I'm sure the show will be over soon (the snow is already melting fast).

Darren Clark
Rexburg, ID

Re: Swainson's Hawk Migration

Richard and Ann Rusnak

IBLE, On a similar note, today with 7 inches of new snow fall,  in Round Valley along Cascade Reservoir we spotted 2 Turkey Vultures and pair of Sand Hill cranes, the cranes seemed hellbent on heading N. Also Yellow R. warblers singing high up in Ponderosa's
Cheers, Rich Rusnak, Nampa

On Mar 28, 2014, at 4:39 PM, Cliff and Lisa Weisse <cliffandlisa@...> wrote:


Swainson's Hawks have made it to Arizona and New Mexico this week. They
should be showing up in Idaho in another week or so but keep a lookout
for early arrivals. Even a few days early is unusual for the species so
keep your camera ready...


Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho

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Heron Rookery - new location and more

Terry Gray <clgtlg@...>

Hi Birders,

Just east of the Cherry Lane Bridge along the Clearwater River east of
Lewiston there had been a nesting pair of Bald Eagles on the west end of Fir
Island and a Heron Rookery at the east end (at least 26 nesting pairs).
Well last year or the year before the tree that the Bald Eagles were using
fell over. The Bald Eagle pair have taken over one of the Heron Nest and
with some modifications a Bald Eagle is on eggs at the new nest. The Blue
Herons within the last week or so have found a new place and have already
built at least a dozen nest just northeast of the Spalding National Historic
Park Visitors Center on the south side of the river. John Hanna and I
observed at least 24 individuals in that area this afternoon.

God Birding!

Terry Gray
890 Stefany Ln
Moscow ID 83843

Area Birds of note Genesee and Lewiston

Terry Gray <clgtlg@...>

Hi Birders,

This morning I heard and saw my first of the year Wilson's Snipe just north
of the Genesee Sewage Lagoon. Also going down the Lewiston Grade I observed
a lone BARN Owl probably on eggs at the same location they have nested at
for the past 3 years!

Good Birding!

Terry Gray
890 Stefany Ln
Moscow ID 83843

Moscow Mountain Fox Sparrow

Carl Lundblad

I birded and explored around the north side of Moscow Mountain this morning, including the towns of Potlatch and Princeton, Idaho.  I hiked mostly off trail/road in the University of Idaho Experimental Forest's Hatter Creek Unit where the highlight was a singing FOX SPARROW.  There may have been a second one a bit later, or perhaps the original one moved.  This was only my second-ever Fox Sparrow in Latah County and the first on apparent breeding grounds.  Lots of singing Spotted Towhess are now on territories.  This area has a lot of habitat diversity with brushy regenerating clear cuts, old burns, and some of the nicer "almost temperate rainforest" cedar/doug fir habitat that I've seen on Moscow Mountain (lots of Chestnut-backed Chickadees in there).  The waterfowl that have been conspicuous recently were mostly MIA today, but a TUNDRA SWAN was in a flooded field at the intersection of US95 and Freeze Cemetery Road, a couple of miles north of Potlatch.

Good Birding

Carl Lundblad

Bad picture

Bob Kiernan

Looks like photo got cropped sorry about that off to phone store to correct bob k.


Bob Kiernan

Sea of Cortez lucky on this photo of yellow foot gull Bob Kiernan nampa

Sage Grouse and Ferruginous Hawk

Adam Brubaker <1goodgeocacher@...>

While traveling the Red Road today I came across a Ferruginous Hawk about a mile or two past the dunes. I know that Sage Grouse are plentiful this time of year so can someone tell me why ebird has them as a rare sighting?


Adam Brubaker

Swamp Sparrow still present at Celebration Park

Stoddard Davenport

Hi IBLErs,

Thanks to Bryce Robinson's post yesterday, Ellen and I were able to find the Swamp Sparrow at Celebration Park this afternoon. I was aware of it earlier in the year but never had a chance to try for it, so I was thrilled to hear it was still hanging around. That tiny little patch of cattails was surprisingly productive. We found several Song Sparrows, Marsh Wrens, and Red-winged Blackbirds, plus (unexpectedly) both a Virginia Rail and a Sora, all sharing the same 30-40 square feet. Other fun birds of the day included a Sage Thrasher near Swan Falls, a pair of Burrowing Owls at their usual location on South Cole Road, plus loads of raptors and Long-billed Curlews all over the NCA. Our one dip for the day was Sagebrush Sparrow, which we tried for at several different locations, and couldn't ever track down.

Stoddard and Ellen Davenport

A very wet bike ride


When I started out today, the streets were wet but it wasn't raining. That began to change gradually at about State St. Then by Veteran's Pond it was pouring, but I kept hoping for something special since the weather had driven all sane people indoors and left the birds to me. Eventually I got an Osprey and a DC Cormorant, both of which are still not as common along the river as they soon will be. But the real treat was a pair of Green-winged Teal at the little pond at the end of Willow Lane, birds that I only rarely see along the river.
At Silver Lake the water was totally churned from the now heavy rain so I turned back. I had made it as far as Stewart St., just off Whitewater Park Blvd., when I discovered a flock of Bohemian Waxwings in the top of a tree. I was still looking for a Cedar when they tired of me and flew. They were number 24, in 9 wet miles. Another occasion for beer and a hot shower. Tom McCabe, Boise

SWAMP SPARROW- Celebration Park

Bryce Robinson

In the same location as January. Down the dirt road to the east where the road takes a dramatic dip, in the reeds adjacent to the river.
This time, I was able to snap a few photos of the shy bird. 


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