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I agree with Mark's id. I had two small flocks at Blue Lake Sewage Lagoons yesterday. There were both young as well as adult birds. All heavily mottled, some traces of rufous. Tried to make the shorter-billed birds into Baird's... or something else...just in case. But this was a no-go idea quickly dropped. Water level was down and away so could not get any kind of a decent id-able photo.
FYI, these ponds are off Eisenman St. near the Boise Outlets. For access, do not use the marked/paved pvt. road on the west side of the residence area. Please use the unmarked graveled road that drops down from Eisenman across from the United Van Lines terminal and parallels the east side of the Adesa parking lot. These ponds are fenced and posted No Trespassing on the NE and NW corners and though the fence is broken down in a couple spots that is no excuse to cross over. There may have been some recent problems in this regard. The manager saw me, came out and spoke with me a few weeks back, I thanked him for allowing access to birders. He did not say yes or no. I left it go. Behave ourselves and it should be O.K.

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Long bill with a droopy tip and chevron-shaped spots on the flanks say “Western Sandpiper.” Looks like fall migration is starting . . .

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Ponds on Dearborn flock of these peeps two other birders could not I am not going to try

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