New Merlin Sound app

Elizabeth Medes

Hello Idaho birders,

I am curious what everyone's response is for those who have upgraded to Merlin's sound ID.  So far, I've been impressed; particularly when we are birding with multiple competing layers of sound, i.e. creek side, wind, water rushing by, always stiff competition for me.  I've used Sound Sleuth and Birdnet but they are challenged to pull out song from certain conditions.  With the warblers way up in the pine tops, or various thrushes hopping along the roaring creek, that makes it tough.

We birded upper Gem County early this a.m., and to watch the app locate and post birds one after another - well, that was unexpected.  Once tipped off by the app, I found nesting American Dippers, which I couldn't discern in all the racquet, also a Townsends Solitaire, and an unexpected wren, to my aged ear.  When out of range of service, it will provide some odd ball guesses, but when I get home and listen again, I can see where it's going.  Very intuitive as an app, but also a major piece of science.  Kudos to Cornell O Lab.

Who else has experience good/bad with it?

Liz Medes
Emmett ID

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