Re: Loon in Boise

Ken Miracle

And the other question was how did it get there ?  Since it was first seen sitting on the shore where the orntihologists tell me Loons do not normally go when healthy.  Some speculation is that is was injured in a storm, attacked by an eagle etc.. but I have heard only conjecture. Some that know Loons far better than I say that the pond is large enough for it to take off if healthy others say as Louis said not enough runway.

On Jun 14, 2021, at 1:44 PM, Louisa Evers <elouisa603@...> wrote:

One possibility is that the pond is too small to allow the loon to get airborne. With their relatively small wings for their body size snd placement of their legs far back on their body, loons need a long “runway” in order to take off.  --
Louisa Evers

Ken Miracle
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