Re: CA Quail Attacks Large Hawk (Swainson's ?)


Great story. There is no end to what a parent will do to protect offspring, me included.

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I have been in this world a long time and much of that time spent outdoors from growing up in a rural to area, to being a working biologist, and being an avid fisherman and hunter since I was 6 years old. Sometimes I get to thinking that I have seen everything, but Nature just keeps on surprising me. Yesterday I was eating dinner at a friend’s house and she spotted a pair of CA quail walking up the edge of an irrigation lateral that passes by about 30 feet from the dinette window. She said that they had babies and seemed to be quite exposed, and I took a pair binoculars to look at them and just as I got them in view “BAM” a large hawk landed right in the middle of them. I think that it was a dark phase Swainson’s but things started happening so quickly that I didn’t time to be sure. Quail started running in all different directions and the hawk flew up the ditch and disappeared behind some bushes and trees followed about a second later by the male quail. The female promptly started to gather her brood and head back down the canal. The male didn’t show up for a little while and I figured that he was providing fine dining to the hawk but the little squirt showed up and they all headed into the grass and brush on the  other side of the ditch. 😮


I am still amazed at we watched but Nature just keeps providing new entertainment after all these years. I even got a new life lister this Spring ( which is getting rarer and rarer for me) in Arizona during my annual trip down there to see my kids and grandkids – a Northern Jacana. 😉


Fred Crase

New Plymouth


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