eBird report of Mississippi Kite from last night in Eagle (Ada Co)

Jay Carlisle

For those not receiving eBird rarity alerts, here's an intriguing report ... and he's right that late spring is the right time for "spring overshoot" vagrancy in this species.  In my experience, out of range kites in spring tend to be here 1 minute, and gone the next (or pretty soon anyway :-) but if anyone's in the area, could be worth a look.


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Mississippi Kite (1 Ada)

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Mississippi Kite (Ictinia mississippiensis) (1)
- Reported May 31, 2021 19:30 by Kurt Radamaker
- Reid Merrill Park, Ada, Idaho
- Comments: "Sub adult.

My wife and I are avid birders visiting family in star Idaho from Scottsdale AZ for Memorial weekend. While eating dinner at coynes restaurant near reid merrill park, we had an unmistakable view of a miki. Size of white tailed kite, long tapered wings with dark primaries, dark underwing, chest, breast and belly marked with horizontal reddish streaks, longish dark tail. Not overall black and white as in white-tailed kite. The sighting was brief and without binoculars, but the bird was fairly close 25ft? It flew low over the tree tops.

With a lack of photos and the poor circumstances of this sighting, I certainly don't expect this sighting to go anywhere. The purpose of even putting this sighting in ebird is to alert Idaho birders of the possibility. I hope someone can go and check for it.

I have seen many miki and late may is an excellent time of year for one in Idaho!

I suspect if the bird is still around, it would be around the river and greenbelt.

Ps we spent a day at dangerfield jack looking for Cassia Crossbill without success &#x1f612;"


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