Re: Jack,s creek

Cliff Weisse

Merlin is wrong. If nothing else the wing tips are too dark for Glaucous. The iris appears pale so I'd be thinking Ring-billed but it's hard to tell from this one photo...


On 5/27/21 9:23 PM, Robert Kiernan wrote:
26  27th camped Wednesday night.        Terns. Comm   .blk. Caspian   foresters. 15  20 Ibis flying  50 pelicans doz. Corms. W.w.peewee bull. Oriole yellow sparrow. Marsh wren snipe osprey west & Clark's grebe. Gadwall.  Gulls California  ring bill. Merlin says this one glaucous  also willow fly cat. 
Cliff and Lisa Weisse
Island Park, Idaho

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