Tame Red Crossbill's

Dave & Brenda Pace

We have had a flock of about 10 Red Crossbill's hitting our feeders for the last week.  Yesterday I decided the feeders were getting a little low so went out to the garage and got the seed bucket and started walking into the front yard.  Most all the birds flushed but not the Crossbill's feeding on the feeder.  I slowly walked right up to 4 of them.  One of them was on a metal branch on the feeder stand without access to any seeds so I slowly took a scoop of the seeds and raised it up to the Crossbill and he just sat there and ate out of the scoop until my arm got tired.  I am amazed that wild birds could be so approachable.

I was curious if anyone else had experienced anything like this with them before and if that was a common trait they exhibit.

Dave Pace
Idaho Falls, ID (Westside)

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