Re: Ruby-crowned Kinglet?

Cliff Weisse

Coincidentally I heard the first singing Ruby-crowned Kinglet in my yard this morning in Island Park. Temps are headed for the 60s and the snow is melting fast. Feels like spring.


On 5/1/21 10:29 AM, Elizabeth Medes wrote:
That looks like a lesser goldfinch. They are in small flocks on the canals here right now.  We have RC kinglets in winter and they are so jumpy, only landing once in a while on our suet feeders.  They have a distinct eyering, too.  

Liz Medes

On Sat, May 1, 2021 at 10:22 AM M Gregory <alanclarkg@...> wrote:
This bird visited my backyard fountain an hour ago. Lots of orange on breast, distinctive wing bars, and a hint of brown on throat, with small blackish spots on top of head. I first thought "warbler," but now I think kinglet. Any thoughts?



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