Re: Anna's Hummingbird nest near my yard in Eagle, ID

Janet Phillips

Thanks for the photos Jason and Congrats on your new “family”.  Enjoy!!

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While driving to my home last Saturday, I noticed a hummingbird in the top of a tree. My family could tell I was excited and couldn't believe I saw it when I pointed it out to them. I raced home within a block to get my binoculars and returned to eventually find an adult female Anna's Hummingbird. As I watched it, I noticed it went into a tree so I followed it from the street. I could see that it landed on a nest. I was so excited! I wasn't sure if we had documentation of nesting in Idaho for this species. I contacted Heidi C. and she told me that I had the 5th documented nest sighting in Idaho. The first one being found July 2020. She pointed me to this website:

Here's the eBird checklist of my discovery (with video):

Here's Ceredig's checklist the day they fledged (the next day!) with awesome photos:

Here's the checklist today (3 days after fledging) with audio of fledgling calling and diagnostic photos in a tree 40 yards away from the nest:

The youngsters seem to be doing well!


Jason Talbot
Eagle, ID

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