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The Grasshopper Sparrow's vocalization is very distinctive: tick, tick, tick, pizzzzzzzz
I recorded male Grasshopper Sparrows singing in a grassland seeded by strip-mining remediation in the old anthracite coal belt of northeastern Pa. Cassette tape deck. That dates me. ☺
Alan Gregory in Mountain Home

On Sun, Apr 4, 2021 at 2:01 PM Cliff Weisse <cliffandlisa@...> wrote:
Savannah Sparrow...


On 4/4/21 1:58 PM, Jon Barnett wrote:
> Does any other bird sound enough like a Grasshopper Sparrow to confuse the two?
> I was in a grassy field near Lake Lowell and the song was very close to me, but I had no binoculars.  Only my App to confirm sound.  Thx... Jonathan
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