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Tom, RL here.
I tried doing the memory thing for a given place. Didn't work too well for me, too many birds at some of the places I get to. And being badly scatter-brained nowadays, why I still use pencil and paper as I go, allows me to put notes on my ebird postings later... and I can check for any place corrections. Don't care for the ebird app, takes too long when I can better use the time to observe and appreciate the time and place about me. Plus you can't seem to engage the maps and correct for Hotspots one is at.
Do miss your poetic endeavors here on some postings here, Tom. Will there be any more in the near future?
Continued Good Birding (CGB). RL

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Agree with Cheryl that it’s very impressive brain work - you set a great example \uD83D\uDE0A

Reporting that we had a Spotted Towhee in our yard (near you) March 28th - a first for our (literal) yard list though I spotted one nearby years ago- oddly at rest (briefly) in the street. Do we have a theme of parallelism going here, ya think?

Also agree with Cheryl - love your reports and keep it up, please!

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Ditto what Cheryl said! =)

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That list is impressive but even more so because I know you memorize those birds – in order of being seen – and write them all down from memory when you get home.  I’ve been trying to do it but it’s hard!  Great Brain Exercise!  You get a double whammy on your Bike4Birds – Physical and Mental Exercise!  
Keep it up!  Love your posts!
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You know it’s going to be a great day when you get a half block from your house and there’s a Spotted Towhee in a neighbor’s bushes. While he was not FOY, he was the first I’ve ever seen in the North End of Boise.
Then, at Esther Simplot, I saw a Kestrel gliding down from a tree. I followed his trajectory and he went UNDER a car, scaring up a Song Sparrow that was his apparent target. After going under the car and missing, he just kept on going to another tree. 
Next treat at Esther was a mixed raft of ducks: N. Shovelers, Canvasbacks, and FOY Cinnamon Teal. Twenty-two birds in less than 2 miles, a good start.
At 6 miles I already had 36 species, so of course I had to go further. At the GH Owl’s nest, I had a flyover of Sandhill Cranes. That’s when I ran into my first birder, Missy Arnold. Shortly after that I ran into Jason Talbot. Thanks to the two of them, I was able to add a few more birds, including a pair of N. Harriers that seemed to be doing a “pas de deux” over the large open field at the end of the paved path. Right after that, I spotted something quite large moving through that field. Thinking it was a deer, I got out binos and found a Wild Turkey moving through the brush. 
I’ve attached the full list. Final tally was 57 birds in a little under 22 miles.
Tom McCabe, Boise



Jim Lyons

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