Cassin's Finch


This AM, had a bright, spring-plumage male, Cassin's Finch in yard. Yesterday, a small group (3-4) Mtn Chickadees came through. 

Also, most of the week, esp mid-AM have seen & heard (at night) flyovers of thousands of Tundra Swans & Snow Geese, all headed north. And, some Sandhill Cranes, as well. Red-winged Blackbird males are here singing & setting up territories, awaiting the arrival of females. Robins are starting to show in larger numbers, as well. 

Had to look up, every spring this is a repeat for me, the mating call of male Spotted Towhees, as their behavior changes from the rest of the year. Getting to watch a male Towhee in his fresh, bright colors, singing from 15' up in a tree & staying in place, is a treat. 

Brian Carrigan

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