Harris' Sparrow

Jon Barnett

This is an email of gratitude.  One, for the Harris’ Sparrow sticking around long enough for so many people to be able to see it, including finally me… and Two, for the circumstances today that finally came together to make it happen… I needed it for my Idaho list.


This morning was my 3rd attempt to see this bird.  The other two times I had not been able to get over to that area except in the afternoon.  Since all the sightings I saw reported had timestamps from early morning, I finally was able to have a morning today to get over there… however, the timing may not have been the problem after all… I discovered that I had been looking in the wrong area the entire time, thrown off by the intermittent references to ‘the dumpster”, which I had only found one along the canal…


Anyway, to cut to the quick and not make this a novel… I am grateful to the Shoes (sp?) who happened to walk by (locals) and informed me that it was being seen further east from where I was.  Then, after finding a mixed flock of birds where they directed me, I thought for sure I was finally hitting gold, when I noticed a gentleman with a big camera taking pictures even further east of me.  Thankfully, I followed my impulses and started walking that direction.  That led to me meeting a very pleasant gentleman, Ceredig Roberts, who proceeded to inform me that he knew the location where the bird was hanging out… and it was even further east from there!  We walked to the spot and…some time later…the bird came out of the thick evergreen tree and perched in a reasonable location along the fence for me to easily identify it, and Ceredig to get a great picture.


Bottom line – I would have missed the bird again today, if not for gracious people who got me pointed in the right direction.  So, I am grateful for our birding community and how it all turned out!  If I had struck out a 3rd time, I don’t think I would have made the longish drive again.


Thanks for reading my story.  Have a peaceful evening…Jonathan, now in Caldwell


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