ebird daily alert error


Hey there ible... RL here.
For you ebird users.
Made an entry error that's gotten on the daily ebird alert report.
Was not paying attention and accidentally logged HEGU x GLGU as a continuing bird sighting on my Ada Co. Landfill checklist for yesterday.
My continuing bird should actually have been logged as anĀ  HEGU x GWGU.
There are photos posted of the bird on my 28 Dec. 20 checklist. Was not able to get any yesterday, bird too far for photos. I did originally send the photos to a few other, better "gullers" than I, who determined I had a cross bird before I did the original posting. At the time I'd not even considered a cross gull, been such a long time since having one in the area.
My apologies for my error and I hope the ebird Reviewers can remove said error.

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