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My wife is a Bengal, '78, and she watched while I counted, although I did check in to catch a bit of the game and a bite to eat.  My first CBC, too. I went on to be the Boise count compiler for about 20 years.


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Jim, that was our very first CBC as well! 
Ken was looking forward to a relaxing weekend that involved watching the Idaho State Bengals play in  the 1981 NCAA Division I-AA football championship game. I convinced him to watch and count birds instead. He has never forgiven me. The day was cold and cloudy and the birds were few and far between, and darn it if the Bengals didn’t win the championship!! Thank goodness for DVR technology! 39 years later and we are still participating in CBCs! 

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Kudos to our Boise CBC leaders, and participants!

I mentioned last night the 1981 count, my first. I'm attaching a scan of the page with our count, as published in American Birds - no kids, not on papyrus, but close :)

Seeing how the birds (and birders) have changed is one of the great appeals of our Christmas Bird Count, both from a scientific and more global perspective, but also from a personal and very specific perspective.

Jumping out at me beyond our 67 species were the count-week-but-not-count-day species : Pied-billed Grebe, Wood Duck, Ruddy Duck, and Mourning Dove.

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