Re: Hoary Redpoll in my back yard

Robert Kiernan

Reports are out saying this is going to be an amazing irruption this winter so we should see more of these cone seed eating birds in our area 

On Sat, Dec 12, 2020, 9:52 PM bike4birds <tmccabe9@...> wrote:

This morning’s birding in my back yard, watching the comings and goings of the Pine Siskins, et al, became quite exciting when I realized that the little striped guy on one of the feeders was not a PISI but a Hoary Redpoll! I wasn’t immediately sure which brand of Redpoll it was, but my Sibley’s sits right by the viewing window, and the choice was obvious. My good binos were right there as well, so I got excellent views before he took off. I don’t remember ever seeing either brand of Redpoll in Boise before, let alone my back yard.

After such a great start, I was hoping other good birds would cooperate as well. The 2 Bald Eagles at Esther Simplot were great, but the roosting Great Horned Owl was an even bigger treat. Final tally was 38 species in 12 miles. A great day.

Tom McCabe, Boise

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