Re: ah, the new improved eBird......


Sigh! I know what you mean Larry about Cornell kind of messing with ebird just for the sake of change it would seem. You have to type in Ada as normally but when the scroll of places pops up you have to scroll waaaaay down the line to find Ada Co. We're behind Alaska and Alabama now but still ahead of the other US places that start with AD.

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looks like the " dashboard " is continually changing, which is a serious distraction for geezers who have limited patience searching for / actually finding / once-common functions, e.g.,

looks like Ada County was lost somewhere in the belly of the beast, e.g., #2

where did the " Top 100 " for said county disappear to ?  is it hidden somewhere new ?  or did we simply fall off the edge, into an abyss ? ?  ?

whereas, other counties in other states have not similarly disappeared.........  

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