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Elizabeth Medes

Have you seen either variety of goldeneyes there?  We lived by that bridge for a few years, and they were such a winter sight for sore eyes.

Emmett ID

On Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 4:13 PM bike4birds <tmccabe9@...> wrote:

As I was crossing the bridge from Plantation Island to the stables at Les Bois, I heard the distinct sound of a Blue Jay. Since I hadn’t seen or heard any of the critters for at least a week, if not longer, I got focused immediately. He kept calling and calling, but remained hidden until finally flying up to the top of the trees on the other side of the river channel, still on the island. I got great looks before the bird flew off to the north side of the river.

And yesterday I again encountered the bird I originally called a Eurasian Wigeon. After getting better views, I’m leaning towards an American/Eurasian hybrid. While it has the red head of the Eurasian, it still has the green eye stripe of the American. It was in the same location as before, the pond between Lander St. and the greenbelt. I couldn’t find it today.

The immature Snow Goose continues to pop up at Esther Simplot Park (ESP) every few days. While I didn’t see it today, it has been there in the last couple of days.

In addition, a Merlin has started to show up at ESP. Again, I do not see it every day, but I pass through on my rides and don’t hang out there. He was there today, in a large dead tree by the artificial island they built in the river, but I have seen him all around the park.

Finally, I got a call from Dr. Koob, a local veterinarian, who told me that the Ruth Melichar Bird Center will be working at rehabbing a Surf Scoter that was found nearby. So keep your eyes peeled in case there are more around. I found one at Silver Lake years ago, and I was so shocked I almost dropped my binos. That bird hung out for a few days in Boise and a couple more days in Eagle.

Tom McCabe, Boise

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