Re: Sighting of wing-tagged Red-tailed Hawk at Lake Lowell, Canyon County, Idaho

Jeff Fleischer

Hi Larry,

Should mention that in the past the lady that assists in this PDX operation, who also does a route for us, has used our project data to see where the best fit would be for the release of these hawks that they collect at PDX.  This makes two birds now that have been released at sites in NE OR that have had subsequent sightings, this is a great project not only to study bird movement but to keep our airports safe from bird collisions ! :)


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my words precisely   =)

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Very cool!

Denise Hughes
Caldwell, Idaho

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Hi Birders,
On October 19 At SW end of Lake Lowell Lower Dam in Canyon County, I saw and photographed a Red-tailed Hawk in a tree that had a large red tag on its wing.  After asking a couple of raptor friends, I was told to check with about the bird.  I sent in the photos of the red tag with  KZ letters on its wing. I got an answer back and here it is. Fun to know about this hawk and hope I see more hawks with a red tag.  If you find one, check out the website and let them know.  
Cheryl Huizinga, Caldwell, ID


“Thank you for submitting a sighting and photo of K/Z via! This red-tailed hawk was first captured at Portland International Airport earlier this year in July. This bird is a hatch year and was the offspring of a pair of resident hawks that nest near the airport. After being fitted with wing-tags and a leg band it was released in Halfway, OR. Your sighting is the first we’ve received since it was released and we’re glad to hear that it is still alive and well. 
Once again, thank you for your report. We truly appreciate your participation and with the help of individuals such as you, we are able to determine the most successful release sites. This in turn helps to reduce the number of birds returning to PDX and contributes to a safer airfield for both humans and birds.
We look forward to any future reports of your wing-tagged hawk sightings!”


Erick Shore
Aviation Wildlife Technician
Port of Portland



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