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Subject: [IBLE] North Central Idaho Rarities

On Saturday October 24 and following Friday's early winter storm, I birded in Latah and Nez Perce Counties.  My first stop was at the UI Dairy Ponds in Moscow, where the most notable bird was a late PECTORAL SANDPIPER.  More exciting was a LONG-TAILED DUCK at the Genesee Sewage Lagoon (, a first for this well-birded location, with a Marsh Wren (uncommon here, mostly in fall).  Next, I easily refound a group of 6-8 BLUE JAYS, a long-time Nez Perce County nemesis for me, adjacent to Jewett Park in Lewiston (  Mann Lake had about 100 TUNDRA SWANS, some Snow and Cackling Geese, Bonaparte's Gulls, at least 2 DUNLIN, and at least 2 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS.
In the late afternoon, I came across 2 LAPLAND LONGSPURS on Dry Creek Road, east of Troy in Latah County (  Longspurs are very tough to locate in North Idaho, and this will be only the second eBird record for Latah County.  Kas Dumroese was later able to relocate them with 3 Snow Buntings!

Also yesterday afternoon, Ben Meredyk of Moscow discovered an AMERICAN BLACK DUCK at the West Levee Pond in Lewiston (  Ben and Mason Maron relocated the Black Duck late this morning and had it in view when I arrived.  It even flapped its wings a few times, providing nice views of the uniquely violet-blue speculum without any white lining.  Thanks, Ben, for finding a great state bird (pending acceptance by the IBRC) and to both of those guys for making it easy on me.

Two PECTORAL SANDPIPERS were back at the UI Dairy Ponds in Moscow, this morning, and I relocated 5 GRAY-CROWNED ROSY-FINCHES that Neil Paprocki found yesterday on Darby Road, northeast of town.

On Friday, I had a single SURF SCOTER, at the St Maries Sewage Ponds in Benewah County, and Kas and Neil both observed 3 White-wigned Scoters (the first record for Latah County) yesterday at a now-frozen pond near Potlatch.

Some really great storm-facilitated October birding in North Central Idaho!

Carl Lundblad
Moscow, Idaho

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