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Extreme Thank You Mr. Tom, Missy and I found them all, your birds in caps, woohoo-hoo-hoo !!!    (our 1st bird this morning was GHOW)


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Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2020 3:09:07 PM
Subject: [IBLE] Incredible ride today!

After falling on an icy patch on the boardwalk through the marsh at Esther Simplot Park (ESP), my ride improved incredibly. After getting all the usual suspects along the way to Silver Lake, I was surprised by a RED-NECKED GREBE out in the lake. Further out was a WESTERN GREBE, but the RNGR was a first of year bird. (Maybe first in several years).

Then when I got back to Lander St., I took a little tour around the pond that is between Lander St. and the Greenbelt. This has been great for my first A. Wigeons of the season, along with Wood Ducks and an occasional Gadwall. But today, as I cruised the length of the pond on the concrete path, I discovered a EURASIAN WIGEON, a bird I haven’t seen in years. He was in with a flock of AMWI’s, but he was red where they were green. Way cool.

Final fun bird was an immature SNOW GOOSE, at ESP, on the main pond nearest Quinn’s Pond. There’s a shallow area there with a yellow rope to keep the little kiddies safe, and the bird was in that vicinity.

Gee, I wonder what I’ll find tomorrow!

Tom McCabe, Boise

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