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Larry Arnold <larnold47@...>

Cheryl, this is a tricky one....  maybe another bird will come along and show them that your feeder is a actually food source? 

our Anna's this year was the opposite, didn't go to any of our blooming salvias (four kinds), penstemons, stache, Zauchneria, fireweed, etc, went only to one of our three feeders, which we thought was weird......

I think out of desperation I'd put a "model hummingbird" at your feeder, like with it's bill stuck in one of the ports...???  I've got several realistic looking fake hums that I'd try here in our yard....  do you have any?

Or maybe park your feeder right next to your busiest plants with a little sign "open for business, damn it !!"   ;-)



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In Caldwell we still have 2 Anna’s coming to the  blooming Pineapple Sage plants and other salvia.  They don’t come to the feeder at all. I know the freezing temps will wipe out the flowers.  Got to figure out how to get them interested in the feeder.  If they do then have to get to heater on the feeder.  Oh such fun to have Anna’s hummingbirds!  Really!

Cheryl Huizinga in Caldwell


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Wonderful. Just had another visit of an Anna’s at our house in the Highlands this evening. Got some photos this time. Feeding on the Red Salvias And then checking out the feeders.  

On Oct 18, 2020, at 6:04 PM, Kerry Fitzharris <birderfitz@...> wrote:

I had a female Anna's coming and going from my feeder for about two hours this morning here in the North End of Boise. Beautiful red-speckled patch on her throat. Lovely to watch her in this fall light!


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