Interesting behavior

Patty Ford <patty_ford@...>

Hi all, bit of a story here, bear with me.
So today my cat was outside without me, (please no hate, I love my kitty), he managed to grab an Evening Grosbeak from the birdbath. I saw it from the kitchen window and raced over to the door to save it. As I slipped my shoes on I could hear the Pinyon Jays screaming their heads off. Also some noise from other Grosbeaks. It looked like the bird was dead, kitty was batting it around. All the sudden the Jays attacked kitty. Dive bombing him and pecking at him. He ran away without the little bird. Amazingly the little bird got up and flew away.
I have seen parent birds protect their young but I have never seen a different species protect another species. 
Have you seen this befor? Am I just seeing what I want to see? I am completely amazed.
What are your thoughts?
Thanks, Patty

p.s. Kitty has refused to go out rest of the day. 

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