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Hey all, RL here.
Day I went looking for the Golden Plover, took a bit, found it in the green field to the east of the playa. This is the field that if you use the road as a keyboard looks a lot like a Steinway Grand Piano in shape. The plover was ducking (pun intended) up and down in those deep furrows. The Killdeer were scattered all over instead of being concentrated on the muddy part of the harvested cornfield across the road from the playa as others had noted at the time. I made note of this in my ible posting of that day. Check out that piano shaped green field. There may be a surprise or two.

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It is interesting to see how things change during the day. It was entirely possible the Golden-plovers were mixed in with the Dowitchers when I was there. They were on the far side of the water and all I was able to count were "large sized shorebirds with long bills". I easily could have missed the Golden-plovers - not that they have long bills, and they are similar sized, though smaller than the Dowitchers, but that I didn't take my time to carefully examine each "dot in the distance." When I didn't seem them up close in the mud I scanned all the surrounding fields a couple of time hoping they were out there.


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