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Hey all.
Tom, your couple times heard Blue Jay down near Plantation would fit. Mark Collie, who now lives in the Collister area but up and across State St. from there, reported to me he'd heard a BLJA around the Boise CBC period last year. He was not able to refind nor was it found on Count Day. He may have heard or even briefly seen it, don't remember for sure, several days later in the trees over by the Edgewater Apts., again not able to refind.

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Around noon today, as we crossed the bridge from Plantation Island to the stables area, I heard the distinct sound of a Blue Jay. I froze and listened, and the call went on and on. No question, no doubt. I rode down the dead end asphalt path, which is about 1/8th of a mile long, and I would say the bird was about halfway down. Unfortunately, I never actually saw the bird. :-(

This is the same general area where I heard the bird yesterday, but the bird went on much longer today.

Tom McCabe, Boise


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