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YR Warblers have invaded Boise. I have been seeing and hearing them everywhere along my bike rides, from the North End to Les Bois race track. And my first (and, so far, only) RC Kinglet was 2 days ago. Plus a DE Junco snuck into our yard 2 days ago to grab some of the seed that the doves and squirrels didn’t get. He was back again yesterday and today, but solo. But the real treat was 9 Pine Siskins in our Rudbeckia plants and the feeders this am. We have a picture from a few years ago where I’m standing by the feeders with about 20 Pine Siskins at my feet and one in my hand. ;-) Maybe a repeat this year?


P.S. Almost forgot that I had my first male Gadwall in breeding plumage yesterday. Another treat.


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Today, most numerous migrants coming through are RC Kinglets. Found one mixed flock of approx 20 birds, mostly RC Kinglets with 5-6 juv Audubon's/YR Warblers. Best bird, so far, today has been a first winter White-throated Sparrow. Did see a single, adult male Townsend's Warbler (finally, first in 2 yrs) last wkend. And, a few Orange-crowneds this past week. 

Brian Carrigan

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