Re: Kinglet Rush

Elizabeth Medes

This week counted several kinglets, nearly all Ruby C, at Sage Hen Res and Wilson's Meadow in Gem Cty, and near Cascade Lake shoreline, all mixed with YR Audobon warblers.  RCs were in our Emmett yard yesterday, along with the arrival of Oregon juncos.  Hate to see the RCs go.

Notable at Cascade was lack of evening grosbeaks and juncos, which we saw in high numbers exactly 1 year ago.  Checked out the southern half of the reservoir and other than coots, no migrating waterfowl whereas last year this time, it was jam packed.  Much warmer weather this year, and a whole lotta smoke.

Liz Medes
Emmett, the east side

On Sat, Oct 3, 2020 at 8:39 AM lcarrigan_55 via <> wrote:
Today, most numerous migrants coming through are RC Kinglets. Found one mixed flock of approx 20 birds, mostly RC Kinglets with 5-6 juv Audubon's/YR Warblers. Best bird, so far, today has been a first winter White-throated Sparrow. Did see a single, adult male Townsend's Warbler (finally, first in 2 yrs) last wkend. And, a few Orange-crowneds this past week. 

Brian Carrigan

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