Re: Recent NM birds deaths report

Jay Carlisle

Thanks RL & good question Brian

At IBO's Lucky Peak field station where we've maintained long-term monitoring of autumn songbird, diurnal raptor, and forest owl populations for over 20 years, 2018 was a "boom" year (bigger than average #s for many species, one of our highest totals across 23 seasons to date) for songbirds followed by one of our lowest years for most species in 2019.  2020 so far looks like a good to great year for many species (including most warblers & sparrows) - especially considering the recovery needed from a poor 2019 but even just looking against the long-term average - and it's scary to think that some of these individuals that have passed through our region already (&, in our case, been counted for 2020) might have run into this deadly scenario further south on their route.  


On Monday, September 21, 2020, 2:17:02 PM MDT, lcarrigan_55 via <lcarrigan_55@...> wrote:

Yes, this is not good. Haven't found dead birds. But, locally, my fall warbler migration observations reveal just a fraction of the bird numbers seen in previous years. Will be interested to see numbers coming from Lucky Peak & areas over here on east side of state. 

Brian Carrigan

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